XANDER has transformed the iconic shirtdress into a game-changer for women who aspire to live with simplicity, style and sophistication.  Women who care about fashion too often sacrifice their desire for a refined look in exchange for comfort and function. Ultimately, they make decisions based on the daily demands of their lives.

Essentials are everything and a XANDER shirtdress is the answer to the every morning question, “What should I wear today?”

Inspired by the concept of a gentleman’s shirt-maker and the versatility of dress shirts, XANDER shirtdresses are designed for a modern lifestyle and reflect a look that is consistently effortless, elegant and comfortable.

XANDER offers staple styles that will return seasonally. Collections will be refreshed with new fabrics, colors and details that subtly capture the mood of new seasons without diminishing the classic forms.

We envision XANDER as the modern woman’s shirtdress-maker.

Our headquarters is located in New Canaan, Connecticut just 45 minutes from New York City’s Garment District where all of our collections are made.